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Top left: walking in Seoul. Right: a traditional fort in Ukraine. Bottom left: performing experiments in Shanghai.

Shane is a South Korean-born high school student attending Shanghai American School who established Engineering Club and leading G4Tech Robotics Team and Math Club in the

He has spent a substantial number of hours planning and building projects, like tungstite the kayak, gunpowder/guncotton, and several projectile launchers. The base of his researches and builds is a small side-room (L309B) in a science department building at his school. Also called supply room or mancave, it is equipped with various hand and power tools, a vast collection of books, and several plants. A picture gallery of the room can be found at the bottom of this page.

Early Life and Education

Shane was born in Seoul in 1996. In 2008 he moved to Kiev and attended Kiev International School. After two years, he graduated from KIS middle school and moved to Shanghai, and has been attending Shanghai American School since then.

He is very fond of science. Apart from having taken almost all of the science courses (and planning on taking the rest of the science classes in senior year) the high school offers, he performs scientific research to answer scientific questions - like whether gunpowder would burn faster if more potassium nitrate, a key component, was added to the mix. He is not only proficient in sciences - having lived in places worldwide, he has learned many languages: Korean (한국어), English, Russian (Русский), and Chinese (中文).


Shane takes joy in writing - he is the tech manager (CTO, Chief Technology Officer) of WORD magazine, an independent club that publishes a magazine each season. He has also written for EAGLE magazine, a monthly magazine written by the Communications Office of Shanghai American School.

His most accomplished publications are those from Engineering Club. Read by dozens, the two publications are the driving force of the club:
Engineering Club Training Manual discusses in detail the rules and recommendations regarding the operation of the club.
Engineering Club Weekly Updates discuss in detail members' projects and special news. It is designed to aid club members to share and collaborate during Wednesday lunch meetings.


Woodworking, Mechanics, Gardening, Pyrotechnics, Mineralogy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Outdoors, Country music.

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